Tale of a Fingerstyle Guitarist

And His Newly Found Love of Using a Pick


The year was 1986 and I was holding in my hands my first acoustic guitar. It had been purchased with money I had saved and to my mother’s dismay, acquired just days before my birthday. If I had only waited she was sure to have bought me a brand new, higher quality guitar than the one I was holding so tight. Still, knowing I had purchased this “used”  beauty in my local music store meant the world to me.

My name is Aaron D. Brown and I have been playing acoustic guitar since that day in May 1986. I tell you my story because it is with extreme gratitude I owe my renewed desired of using a pick to Bog Street. I say renewed because shortly after acquiring my first guitar I became extremely frustrated with the use of a pick. All the books and guitar teachers I could find all insisted on the use of a guitar pick. I therefore chose a path that would lead me into musical avenues through the use of fingers instead of the pick.

Traditional Picks

The basics of using a pick or plectrum are not that difficult to understand. It is the proper use of the pick through consistent training exercises that instills confident playing. The difficulty I had using a pick was not the size, shape, thickness, or rigidity, it was the ability to hold on to that darn thing long enough to play through just a few chords. How terribly frustrating in was to not be able to master this simple little piece of plastic. At some point after I had received enough punishment from failing at using a pick I decided to just use my fingers to do all the work.

Lead guitarist for Fleetwood Mac, Lindsay Buckingham, has been playing without a pick his entire career. I was not even aware of this fact until I had been playing acoustic guitar for twenty years. I arrived at the same conclusion as this guitar playing Master, I could create an astounding array of sounds using just the fingertips on my strumming hand. So I crafted a style out of players I heard on the radio, listened to on cassette tapes, CDs, and live shows. I became comfortable and effective as a Fingerstyle Guitarist. Still I craved the ability to master that darned old pick and had many failed attempts over the now thirty two years I have been playing. Until one day in September of 2018 when I was connected with Paul Holcomb and his company Bog Street.

Bog Street Ergonomic Guitar Picks

I could hardly contain myself when I received my mailer envelope with the Bog Street Rhythm and Lead picks. These are like nothing that I had seen before and I was eager to put them to use. See I had been given the opportunity to review these new ergonomic guitar picks for Bog Street CEO Paul Holcomb. We were introduced through an online freelancing platform and I was to provide some honest feedback on these picks. With my Martin acoustic guitar tuned and Bog Street Rhythm pick in right thumb and index finger I attacked the strings. Just holding this pick was so comfortable. The contoured portion of the pick, which I refer to as the saddle, gently supports your thumb while allowing the index finger to touch through a small hole in the center.

It took only a few minutes to realize that I was strumming and picking strings with this ergonomic pick with little worry of pick position or stability. The design of the Rhythm and Lead picks enabled me to feel free and creative with a pick, but NOT the same pick I had tried so many other times. These picks are a joy to use and they also include three choices of thickness and rigidity. There was a specific texture and tone that was both audible and could be felt through the picking hand. I now have multiple picks at my disposal that are available with the simple roll of my thumb.  

Key Points

  • The ergonomic design ensures support of the pick and therefore greatly reduce the strain on your picking hand. The design allows the fleshy part of the thumb to rest in a multi layered saddle. It truly feels great just holding these picks.
  • In the center of each pick there is a small hole that goes completely through it. On the underside of the pick there are three points of extension to the hole. This creates a natural anchor for your index finger and enables the finger to touch the thumb. The slight contact between the finger and thumb provides a sense of safety and confidence.
  • The design of the hole through the pick acts as a pivot point for the pick’s rotation between three separate thickness and shapes. Both the Rhythm and Lead picks from Bog Street enable any guitar player a triplet of pick characteristics.
  • Switching between the available pick shapes and thicknesses can be learned in a matter of minutes. Once the sweet spot is found on the ergonomic pick, it is easy to spin through all of the picks in both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.
  • The picks are made of nylon and have a natural micro adhesion to them. This means that the picks lack the slipperiness of other brands of guitar picks. When playing acoustic guitar with these picks the user feels more confident knowing the pick is not going to fly out of their fingers.
  • There is a distinct tonal quality to each side of the Lead and Rhythm picks. From the very thin, bright textures of the thinnest pick thickness (Rhythm) to the rich, deep tones of the short beveled pick (Lead).


“Over the course of my 32 years of acoustic guitar playing I had never held a pick in my hand that felt natural…until I used a Bog Street Rhythm pick.”

“The variety of textural and tonal qualities found using the Lead ergonomic guitar pick by Bog Street are incredible. The player truly has three separate picks, each with their own characteristics.”

“This pick feels great in my fingers and makes using a pick fun for the first time in my music career”

“The people at Bog Street have brought a Game Changer to the guitar accessory arena. Their ergonomic guitar picks are made for all players, whether you are a touring professional or a beginner.”

“My seven year old daughter was holding this pick naturally and correctly in a matter of minutes. She had never touched a guitar pick in her life until that moment.”

“Paul Holcomb, CEO of Bog Street, has shown the guitar industry that it is always evolving. Taking a basic, but universal complaint about using a guitar pick, he and his team designed a pick that emphasizes player comfort.”


It is with great pleasure that I can honestly say I enjoy using a guitar pick. Had it not been for my introduction to the Rhythm and Lead ergonomic guitar picks from Bog Street, I might not have ever attempted using a pick again. After just a few moments playing with these picks it was noticeable how confident I was using them. Spinning between the three chooses of picks became second nature within minutes. The quality of materials used in manufacturing these picks is amazing. The feel of the nylon in the fingers is wonderful and instills a sense of confidence. The ability for your finger and thumb to touch through the center hole in the pick also adds to the feeling of confidence and control. All of these features make Bog Street ergonomic picks stand out in the sea of available retail picks.

Join the Revolution in guitar pick design, own a Bog Street Rhythm and Lead pick today!



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